Searching for the End

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As seen on Negative Positives film Photography Podcast

March 2020, the Irish Government enacted new legislation to protect Irish citizens from the spread of COVID-19. Schools and creches were the first to close, then non-essential retail outlets and services.

I took my exercise on foot and on a bike during the months of March and April. The weather was surprisingly good thankfully! I brought a film camera with me and a spare roll of film and went out to explore this limited area. I stopped at each 2km endpoint and often photographed the road that led on to freedom. I also captured images of interesting landmarks at each endpoint. When I got to my first location I decided to collect and bring home an artefact or souvenir of my journey. I continued to collect something on each of my other nine journeys. I made lumen prints * of these items which are featured in this collection. This book is a record of my short travels. 

The Zine is €6, Packaging and postage of € 3  included in buy now.

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Untitled photo